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Compression Stockings
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Belsana (Germany) Compression Stockings

Welcome to BELSANA

BELSANA is one of the best-known manufacturers of support and compression stockings which are available exclusively in German market.
High quality, a wide range of colours, made-to-measure sizes and fast delivery help customer ensure the optimal patient compliance in compression therapy. This excellence is backed up by the company’s effective range of care products, ongoing training and development programmes for personnel, and regular information events.

BELSANA Medical Products

BELSANA is today one of the most reputable specialist suppliers in the German pharmacy market. Right from the start until today, the aim has been to provide a range of medical compression stockings focussing on the individual needs of patients with vein disorders.

The BELSANA range of modern compression stockings has in the meanwhile become one of the most important lines in the market for medical aids. High quality, a wide selection of colours, individual made-to-measure solutions and rapid delivery offer our customers the best possible support in their endeavour to comply optimally with the requirements of compression therapy.

With pioneering innovations, such as compression stockings with microfibres (BELSANA microsoft) or support and compression stockings with moisturising Aloe vera (BELSANA vivere and BELSANA Vital Edition), BELSANA guarantees supreme high-tech products at the highest stage.

In addition, BELSANA basic programme has over the years been supplemented by interesting complementary over-the-counter products. In particular, the attractive and extensive range of support stockings and travel socks ensures customers are also offered as prophylaxis products of the highest quality.

And what's more, BELSANA has just the right products when it comes to sports. Knee-high sports socks ensure optimal comfort when worn due to the wrinkle-free fit and the use of special fibres. Sportspeople profit by virtue of the compression effect from distinctly more energy in the muscles and rapid regenaration after physical exertion. For soccer players, triathletes and cyclists we offer the BELSANA sport calf tube, a knee-high professionell stocking without footpiece.

BELSANA compression and support stockings are made in Germany in compliance with the strictest quality standards. The company is certified according to DIN EN ISO 13485 and its products bear the CE mark. The medical compression stockings from BELSANA also conform with the internationally strictest quality and test specifications of RAL-GZ 387.

Advanced quality management, coupled with the development of new top products and first-class customer service, means that the company can continue to grow on a firm and lasting basis.

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